We’ll keep this short because if you’re reading this, chances are you got lost somewhere on the interwebs, but if you actually meant to be here, then you’re still not interested in who we are, you’re here for tacos! And trails! We are Shane and Jennifer Regnier, recent transplants to San Diego from the great white north of Chicago, food fanatics (i.e. tacos!), owners of entirely too many dogs (Buddha, Bob, and Tony), lovers of all types of beer/wine/spirits, and really just trying to justify our consumption by experiencing the many beautiful hiking trails and outdoor activities that San Diego has to offer. This blog is primarily for us to document all of the many restaurants, beers, wines, trails, and activities that we experience while living the SoCal life. However, we hope our recommendations can help others decide what/where to spend their time, so if you enjoy any of our recs, please reciprocate and send some our way!